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Dad Captures His Son’s First Year, One Second Per Day, and It’s Lovely

Sam Cornwell, a photographer from England, took a second of video a day and stitched into a video of his son Indigo’s first year on planet earth. It’s neato — and he’s got that song in the background that’s used in lots of movies lately to make you cry. When Indigo takes his first steps, I totally said “yes!” out loud. Well played, Cornwell.

It’s cool to watch Indigo’s transition from a high needs pet to a little boy. That’s not to knock on any part of a child’s development, but they get a lot more fun as time goes on, right? Well, at least cuter and more capable of staying alive. Good job, kiddo.

This is the cutest thing in the entire world. Worth watching the whole thing, for sure.

This is precious

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In The Way Guy [via/via]

I think I have a new favorite meme!

I know how this guy feels. lol.

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The Walt Disney project. 

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What the fck I’m squeaking

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Rape Escape

  • Easy and very effective
  • Requires nothing but your body
  • Includes attack

Very useful to know, pass and share please.

Worth watching

I don’t mean to impose a personal favour on you guys, but I really would like to ask that everyone who follows me reblog this. 

I don’t think I made it very clear but last month I was sexually assaulted by someone who I thought was my friend (I don’t want to talk about it don’t ask), and it’s… really fucked with my head. 

Had I known this a month ago I would have been able to get away

So, essentially, I’m really pleading with you to reblog this so everyone who follows you doesn’t get stuck in the same position I was with no way out. 

I mean again I don’t want the point of this to be my sob story or whatever but if you could reblog this it would seriously mean a lot 

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they’re so cute , I love it

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aw the photographer’s girlfriend leading him around the world is back

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