Disney Fine Art: “Ohana means family" by Heather Theurer:)

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Blessed with pretty cousins on both sides of the family 😌💕 #LAGRIMAS #CASTRENCE #tbt

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The 90s have been calling lately just to remember us how awesome they were.

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Happiest place on earth <3

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how someone can have that much of an affect on you? Just a millisecond of his eyes meeting yours, and, although you don’t notice it at first, your heart starts racing faster than the speed of light. Just a simple, mistaken brush of his hand against your arm, and you quietly catch your breath…

Sometimes I want to get you super drunk just so I could ask a bunch of unanswered questions and get the honest truth.

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I wanna have a sleepover with you, so we can cuddle in bed and watch movies all night. First we’ll watch a scary movie, then after we’ll watch a funny one. When our bodies get all uncomfortable from being in a certain position too long, we’ll move around so that we’re comfortable again but somehow cuddling still. Ya know? Then when we get hungry we can go to the kitchen and make a midnight snack. Then we’ll go back to your room and maybe play video games and whoever dies first has to give the winner a kiss. That kiss will lead to more kissing and cuddling and all that cute stuff. And when we’re all tired and restless, we’ll be able to sleep in each others arms til the sun rises, if it hasn’t already.

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Dad Captures His Son’s First Year, One Second Per Day, and It’s Lovely

Sam Cornwell, a photographer from England, took a second of video a day and stitched into a video of his son Indigo’s first year on planet earth. It’s neato — and he’s got that song in the background that’s used in lots of movies lately to make you cry. When Indigo takes his first steps, I totally said “yes!” out loud. Well played, Cornwell.

It’s cool to watch Indigo’s transition from a high needs pet to a little boy. That’s not to knock on any part of a child’s development, but they get a lot more fun as time goes on, right? Well, at least cuter and more capable of staying alive. Good job, kiddo.

This is the cutest thing in the entire world. Worth watching the whole thing, for sure.

This is precious

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In The Way Guy [via/via]

I think I have a new favorite meme!

I know how this guy feels. lol.

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