@annntben and I still remain in the lead for the station we chose! Please continue to help us out by clicking the link in my bio & voting for us ONCE A DAY! Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting us since we’ve entered this contest πŸ’• I’m really determined to make the final round lol πŸ˜… Keep voting & sharing the link!! #wanderable #iknewilovedyou

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We have the most votes so far for the station we chose!! Please continue to help us out by clicking the link in my bio ONCE A DAY! We really can’t thank y’all enough for the support ✊❀️ #Grateful #wanderable #iknewilovedyou

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Please don’t forget to vote for @annntben and I today! You can vote and share the link ONCE A DAY to help us make the final round! I think we have the most votes so far for the station we chose, so help us keep it up πŸ˜„ And again, we truly appreciate everyone’s help & support πŸ’˜LINK IN BIO! #wanderable #iknewilovedyou

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Our Usie: #IKnewILovedYou Entry | Wanderable ›

Hello everyone! Please help Ton and I win a cruise trip by visiting this link once a day and voting for us! We currently have the most votes!! Thank you everyone for your help and support <3

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Disney Fine Art: β€œOhana means family" by Heather Theurer:)

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Blessed with pretty cousins on both sides of the family πŸ˜ŒπŸ’• #LAGRIMAS #CASTRENCE #tbt

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The 90s have been calling lately just to remember us how awesome they were.

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Happiest place on earth <3

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how someone can have that much of an affect on you? Just a millisecond of his eyes meeting yours, and, although you don’t notice it at first, your heart starts racing faster than the speed of light. Just a simple, mistaken brush of his hand against your arm, and you quietly catch your breath…

Sometimes I want to get you super drunk just so I could ask a bunch of unanswered questions and get the honest truth.

  August 26, 2013 at 11:56pm

I wanna have a sleepover with you, so we can cuddle in bed and watch movies all night. First we’ll watch a scary movie, then after we’ll watch a funny one. When our bodies get all uncomfortable from being in a certain position too long, we’ll move around so that we’re comfortable again but somehow cuddling still. Ya know? Then when we get hungry we can go to the kitchen and make a midnight snack. Then we’ll go back to your room and maybe play video games and whoever dies first has to give the winner a kiss. That kiss will lead to more kissing and cuddling and all that cute stuff. And when we’re all tired and restless, we’ll be able to sleep in each others arms til the sun rises, if it hasn’t already.